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I'm Lika.

Hi there! My name is Lika (lee-kuh),
the face behind Refined Books Co.

As someone with love for detail and organization,

I was naturally drawn to accounting and bookkeeping. Growing up watching my dad (also an accountant) bring home his paperwork and talk about it showed me that numbers mean more; it's the language of all businesses. Taking an accounting course in high school led me to realize the trustworthiness and precision required in the field. I also found myself to be passionate in knowing the ins and outs of what makes a business and how to help it thrive. From there was when I decided to take this path, and I am very happy about doing so!


∙ Accounting Degree - Azusa Pacific University

∙ Certified ProAdvisor: QuickBooks Online

∙ 3+ years of Professional Accounting Experience

∙ Big 4 Accounting Firm Experience 

My experiences allowed me to recognize my skills in bookkeeping and desire to work in it permanently. As a striving entrepreneur myself, I would love to support entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals!

Besides my excitement for bookkeeping, I am passionate about researching ways to DIY something, fashion, exercising, my faith, and hosting dinners for family and friends.

Having time for these passions allow me to be 
a whole person.

I want to work with you so that you are allowed more time for personal passions
as well as growing your business

- all things that make you a whole person too!

Refined Books Co. 

"Refined" because we want just that for our clients - to improve and make their bookkeeping better and more precise, leaving them worry-free and resulting in refined books.

A Few Favorites

Refined Books Co. - Family

Family is important to me! This was us at a wedding for a family friend (missing my older brother) ♡ 

Refined Books Co. - Friends

I volunteer with youth on weekends at Church. Have been for the last 5 years! 

Refined Books Co. - Friends

My friends and I held a girl's dinner and put these cute ducklings together

Refined Books Co. - Nathan

Exploring together is what Nathan (boyfriend) and I love to do!

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